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Singing Rock Colt 17cm Quickdraw

Singing Rock Colt 17cm Quickdraw

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The ideal set for hard core sport climbers working on overhanging routes. Six full size hot forged durable COLT 17 CM quickdraws at a reduced price.


- hot-forged I-beam construction makes the biners very light and still extremely strong with 11 kN open gate rating
- top straight carabiner equipped with the Keylock system and a special shaped grooves which facilitates clipping and cleaning the bolts
- durable easy-to-grab vari-width 16/25 mm polyamide webbing
- 17 cm length of the webbing reduces the rope friction in the carabiners when climbing overhanging routes
- bottom bent carabiner with the Keylock system for smooth clipping and unclipping the rope
- bottom bent carabiner equipped with a rubber fix to hold the carabiner in the correct position and to facilitate clipping the rope
- each carabiner is individually tested for the strength 10 kN 


Weight: 105 g (3.7 oz)
Material: light alloy, polyamide
Strength sling: 22 kN, carabiners: 26-8-11 kN
Width sling: variable 16/25 mm
Length sling: 17 cm (6.7 in)
Gate opening (d): 21 mm

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