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Singing Rock Gym Packet Harness Set

Singing Rock Gym Packet Harness Set

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Perfect choice for all who climb indoor or prefer single pitch climbing.


This set at a reduced price includes:

- all-round harness VERSA II with adjustable leg loops
- light alloy oval carabiner OXY screw with easy locking system
- RAMA single rope belay device with enhanced braking feature for the ropes 8.7 – 11 mm diameter
- chalk bag LARGE with prompt closing system and braced welt for easy handling
- adjustable BELT for chalk bag with a quick release plastic buckle
- MAGNUM ball, 35 g of perfect grade natural chalk for maximum sweat absorption and friction


Versa II

Colour: black/orange/grey
Weight: 410 g [size XS-M] (± 15 g)
Size: XS-M and L-XXL


Colour: orange, grey
Weight: 84 g (3 oz)
Material: light alloy, stainless steell, plastic

Oxy Screw

Colour: gold, black
Weight: 81 g • 2.86 oz
Material: light alloy (anodized)
Strength: major axis 26 kN
Strength: minor axis 8 kN
Strength: open gate 7 kN
Gate opening: (d) 21 mm

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