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Singing Rock Hero Dry 9.6mm Rope

Singing Rock Hero Dry 9.6mm Rope

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Top-class water-resistant single rope with low weight for high-level climbers


- Single Tech construction provides increased resistance to abrasion and great handling qualities
- rope is soft and easy to manipulate in belay devices
- although having a small diameter, this rope provides long lifespan
- ideal for sport climbing and single pitch ice climbing
- teflon treatment - TEFLON is applied on ropes by revolutionary nanotechnology, this treatment gives the rope longer lifetime and water resistance
- thermotransfer end marking
- ultrasonic ending
- middle marking

Teflon treatment - Permanent dry

Selected SINGING ROCK ROPES are produced with a DuPontTM TEFLON fabric protector license. Ropes protected by a TEFLON layer have extraordinary water and abrasion resistance. The TEFLON layer also effectively prevents the intrusion of dust particles into the rope structure and thus increases its lifespan.

Special TEFLON
The rope is protected with a very stable organic resin based on organic fluoridated polymers. The resulting protective film reduces the surface energy of the textile material so much that it not only repels water, but fatty substances as well. It also prevents the penetration of dust particles into the internal structure of the rope, protecting the inside of the rope from damage.

The TEFLON layer gives our ropes superior properties for use, especially in damp or abrasive environments where ordinary ropes are vulnerable to serious damage. So, dynamic ropes with TEFLON treatment have higher safety and longer life than ever before.

Thermotransfer end marking of SINGING ROCK ropes

Thermotransfer etiquette is the special plastic etiquette applied to the rope sheath by the means of heat and pressure. This marking is durable and does not create any broad forms on ends of ropes which could stack very easy anywhere, e.g. when pulling down a rope from rappel station and so on.

An excellent way of rope ending

Our own special technology has been used for the ends of the rope. All SINGING ROCK ropes are ended by a unique technology ULTRASONIC. It means that the load-bearing core and the protective sheath are joined into a compact unit in the last 15 mm of the rope.


Colour: blue
Weight: 59 g/m
Length pack: 30 - 80, 100 m • spool: 200 m
Diameter: 9.6 mm
Number of falls: 8
Dynamic elongation: 35 %
Static elongation: 5.1 %
Impact force: 7.9 kN

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