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Singing Rock Oxy Screw Oval Carabiner

Singing Rock Oxy Screw Oval Carabiner

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Hot-forged light alloy oval carabiner designed to be used especially with pulleys, ascenders and descenders.


- screw gate locking
- rough notches on the locking sleeve for easy manipulation
- angled snag free Keylock nose for smooth clipping and unclipping
- hot-forged I-beam construction makes the carabiner extremely strong, stiff and light
almost oval shape makes the carabiner easy to turn around in device´s attachment points, anchors or slings
- thanks to the oval shape, pulleys attached are loaded symmetrically
- large rope bearing area for better rope glide and reduced wear of the carabiner
- each carabiner is individually tested for a strength of 10 kN
- unique production number


for easy manipulation...
Keylock is an extremely simple and ingenious locking system that solves the problems associated with the traditional design of carabiners. It eliminates any risk of ropes or tapes becoming entangled in the lever or in the carabiner shell when it is being connected or released. Neither the gate, which is completely cylindrical, nor the nose has any sharp edges. Ropes and slings do not, therefore, come into contact with any cutting edges.


Colour: gold
Weight: 74 g • 2.61 oz
Material: light alloy (anodized)
Strength major axis: 26 kN
Strength minor axis: 8 kN
Strength open gate: 7 kN
Gate opening (d): 21 mm

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